Friday, August 28, 2015

Americans for Prosperity single now available!

My new single, "Americans for Prosperity" is now available to download from iTunes, Bandcamp, and Amazon, among other e-tailers. Check it out, and hope you enjoy!

Friday, August 07, 2015

Americans for Prosperity single is out August 28th

In anticipation of my 13th (!) solo album, Good Grief, out September 25th, and considering the current political zeitgeist, comes this timely standalone single. 

“Americans for Prosperity” is narrated from the dual perspectives of the put-upon citizen-worker, trying to keep their head above water and fighting for monetary scraps in the “trickle-dumb economy,” and bosses-followers of the Koch Brothers' “zero sum” ideology. "AFP" was recorded last summer with backing from George Friend (guitar), Lance Helgeson (drums), Dann Morr (bass), and Amy Russell (backing vocals), and it will be available as a digital download August 28th via iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon, et al.

The official release event is here. Hope you enjoy!

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