Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hands on Stanzas for 2014

I'm back at Skinner West for another year of Hands on Stanzas residencies! It was thrilling to return to the three 2nd grade classrooms I had last year; in addition, I'm in Skinner's fourth 2nd grade class as well. Different from last time, my initial ten weeks will be spent with the 2nd graders, and the final ten weeks will be with 4th graders. I look forward to working with all the amazing students at Skinner!

For a report on the first week of classes, where we read and discussed Mark Strand's "Eating Poetry," go here.

Excited Utterance

I've started a new reading series! Chicago has no shortage of them, but what (hopefully) distinguishes Excited Utterance is its in-the-round format, giving each reader three chances to present their work. While it's envisioned as a mixed genre series, our debut event is poetry-centric, featuring Kyle Churney and Sara Tracey along with yours truly, who also hosts.

Our first reading is next month at Uncommon Ground. Hope to see you there!

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