Friday, December 30, 2011

Three poems in Clapboard House

I'm very pleased to end 2011 with three poems in the latest edition of Clapboard House! Check 'em out! And happy new year to one and all!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

New poems in latest issue of blue & yellow dog

I've got four poems from my Basic Cable Couplets manuscript in the most recent issue of blue & yellow dog.

Embarrassment of Riches re-release (remaster with bonus material)

Two weeks after the release of the remastered/re-sequenced Throw the Lions to the Christians, Zenith Beast will reissue Malcontent's Embarrassment of Riches EP, with an extra track! It too has been beautifully remastered (by the amazing Wally Sound). Date of availability is March 20th. Here's the event announcement.

Throw the Lions to the Christians re-release (remaster with bonus material)

Zenith Beast will be releasing my fifth solo album, Throw the Lions to the Christians on March 6th. It has been remastered, with its originally-intended sequence restored, including two never-before-heard tracks. Here's a link to the label's event announcing the release.

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