Sunday, April 22, 2012

Exquisite Quartet

Once again, multitasker Meg Tuite asked me to contribute to her monthly "Exquisite Quartet" column in Used Furniture Review, and the result is here. Enjoy!

Fussbudgets, Christine Wall and Post Office releases

Three albums of material by The Fussbudgets (Hog Wash!, The Naked & the Daft, and Fresh Brood) are now available from iTunes, Bandcamp, and Amazon. In addition, the band now has their own official page on the web -- check it out!

Available May 8th from Zenith Beast is Christine Wall's remastered Kittenbush EP, but it may be pre-ordered now from Bandcamp and Amazon (and soon, iTunes).

Finally, Post Office's WNUR Demos is out May 22nd, but it too may be pre-ordered from Bandcamp as well as Amazon (with iTunes to follow).

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