Monday, July 30, 2012

Sir Slob digital download

If you download my Sir Slob album by or before August 3rd through CD Baby, I will receive 100% of the price.

This applies to MP3 sales only on — NOT on partner sites, such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, etc.

Download your copy today! Thanks in advance for your support.

Selected reviews of Sir Slob:

Whether he's dissecting "The King of Close Enough," or decrying fate by "Panning for Gold in the Litterbox," Larry O. Dean's songs on Sir Slob are dense with smart, tuneful wordplay. This album is rueful, romantic and rockin'! The perfect, bracing antidote to a lousy work day or an episode of American Idol. THE MUSIC ATTIC

Larry O. Dean’s Sir Slob also has its share of not-unwelcome psych-tinged power-pop damage; you’ll detect everything from Shoes to Ray Davies to Love. MAGNET

Dean is known for his Dylan-esque half-sung/half-spoken delivery of literate folk tunes with a rock backing. He can come off like Lou Reed or Matthew Sweet, depending on the tune. NASHVILLE CITY PAPER

Sir Slob has all sorts of nifty touchstones. You can hear bits of Lou Reed, Steve Wynn and Jonathan Richman, but he takes those influences, churns them around and makes something new. He’s good at sonic texturing, often blending classical strings with buzzing, alterna-nerd rock guitars. THE TENNESSEAN

Exhibiting the kind of deft self-mockery that made Paul Westerberg a disciple of Alex Chilton, Larry O. Dean puts the writer back in singer-songwriter with his appealing pop dossiers and laconic wit. MOUNTAIN XPRESS (ASHEVILLE, NC)

Dean and band deliver a tight primarily folk-rocking set, songs like "Time to Kill," "King of Close Enough," "Tail Wagging the Dog," "Panning for Gold in the Litterbox" and "Cuts Both Ways" suggest a strong influence of the melodic country-folk rock of Buffalo Springfield, the latter-day Byrds, Neil Young and Tom Petty (albeit sung by Lou Reed). Poetry and rock n roll, a combination of the sacred and the profane finds its balance in Sir Slob. Fans of singer-songwriter magic will relish every minute. AMPLIFIER

Tremendous songs that fall somewhere between a poppier Neil Young and Lou Reed. SHAKE IT UP!

Lyrically sharp, and big in a musical sense -- think a poppier Lou Reed -- Dean's second album proper provides a powerful and immediate aural rush. It is distanced from the standard singer-songwriter fare by a sound that is fleshed out by a full band, mixing open twangy Americana with a dense and more complex instrumentation. BUCKETFULL OF BRAINS

R.E.M. meets Bob Dylan, the two meet have some beer, or at least that’s where it sounds like Larry O. Dean’s strange mix of alt. country, folk, and 1960's rock and roll originated from ... Most reminiscent of Neil Young’s collection of 1970's recordings and in a lot of ways their styles are very similar, there's grit, and truth paired with guitars and low, almost pleading vocals. ALL MUSIC GUIDE

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Me Decade reviews added

The Me Decade's official page has been updated with numerous paper-only reviews from the archives. Check 'em out!

Monday, July 09, 2012

Poems in Circa

I'm very proud to have three poems in the inaugural issue of Circa: "Dracula's Daughter," "Loma Prieta #1" and "Loma Prieta #2."

All three are persona poems, with the latter two taken from a series about the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, an event I experienced firsthand when I lived in San Francisco.

Thanks to editor Tony Powell for the support!

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Poems in quarter after now on Issuu

Issuu now has the second issue of quarter after available, including five of my poems, as well as work by many other incredible writers and visual artists.


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